Guidelines for updating GSTN

For Existing Vendors:
  • A. Update GSTN No. for the state which you have already registered as a vendor with Powergrid.
  • B. For updating GSTN no. for any other state, Register as a new vendor in Vendor Management System.
  • C. For updating the GSTN no. for rest of the states login with step B credentials in link given below.
For New Vendor:
  • New Vendors : Follow step "B" for vendor cretion and registration in only one state. For updating the GSTN no. for some more states follow step "C".
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Bill Tracking System

To Raise Invoice/ update GSTN no for Existing Vendor login with user id : B_XXXXXXXXXX & password. Password Status

New Vendor Registration

Vendor registration for the New Vendors whom are not registered in POWERGRID BTS.

Additional GSTN for other states

To add additional GSTN for other States login with user id and password provided at the time of new Vendor Registration.

Customer GSTN Update

Login with 7 digit cust. No as user id and password.

Update HSN No

To update HSN no user id starts with "B_XXXXXXXXXX" and default password.
HSN NO Working Manual

Vendor Creation for IMPREST

Vendor can be created by Power Grid Employee using their email Credentials.